After doing this for as long as I have, Paul, I’ve pretty much figured out how to read a script, then see the movie and enjoy it. Heck, tracking the business as much as I do, it’s extremely rare I go into a movie completely ‘blind’ about it.

The thing about selling carrots: Another great example of a setup and payoff. And a classic example of All Is Lost, the psychological point of which is to say to the Protagonist: “You can go forward against all odds to try to achieve your Want or you can go back to the way you were which you know is at least safe.” It’s an existential crisis with the subtext: “Who are you?” Here Judy models an inauthentic life selling carrots. That’s about as a rabbit a thing as she could do. But she aspires to more than being a stereotype. Ultimately her Need takes over and off she goes back onto her adventure and toward an authentic life.

I’ve got the movie on my To Watch list. Right now, I’m re-watching all 17 Pixar movies in chronological order for my upcoming Pixar: Craft of Storytelling classes, one at DePaul, one at Screenwriting Master Class. Might be interesting to see Zootopia after screening all the Pixar movies, see how it plays through Pixar-tinted glasses!

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