Buffalo Bill as Protagonist:

N: Clarice

A: Female version of Buffalo Bill

M: Moths (‘transformation’)

T: Catherine

Do you remember that creepy scene where BB dances in front of the video camera, eventually sticking his penis between his thighs, then holding out his arms, proudly exhibiting his naked body as a ‘female’? That is what he is emotionally drawn toward, becoming that. And so that vision is his Attractor.

Remember that tiny little scene where he pulls a moth out of its cocoon. What does he say? “So powerful, so beautiful.” As Lecter deduces, the moth signifies transformation. That is the ‘wisdom’ BB needs in order to become a woman, albeit by wearing a skin-suit.

Trickster? Catherine is his ally in that she would become part of that skin-suit. But then she lures Precious down into the pit, threatening the dog with bodily harm, thus becoming an enemy. Very Trickster like.

This exercise of switching Protagonists is one of the most powerful tools a writer has when working with archetypes because it helps the writer dig into each character and experience the story universe through their eyes.

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