Clay, when I read scripts, I make notes throughout, so I use my laptop and a PDF program which allows me to embed notes in the script. Even if I were to read a script strictly for pleasure on my iPad, I’d STILL want to make notes because, well, that’s just the way I am.

But someone who is traveling or commuting, and they want the freedom to read scripts easily, it makes total sense to use a tablet or even a smart phone.

I occasionally think back to the day when the only way to read a script was to find someone with a hard copy, copy it, return the original, then sit with the physical pages. I still print out drafts of my scripts while rewriting them and use a pen to make notes, but otherwise, it’s all PDFs nowadays.

Main thing, Clay, glad to see you’re reading scripts! I’m going to hammer that point over and over again in 2017, even more than in the past.

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