“Create a solid concept, mold your believable characters, tell their story, the rest will follow.” Couldn’t agree more. Storytelling is evolving with the emergence of streaming services and multiple platforms for alternate narrative forms. The so-called screenwriting ‘gurus’ who emerged onto the scene in the 80s and 90s are dinosaurs with an asteroid approaching. Their old paradigms — ‘This needs to happen on that page,’ ‘That needs to happen on this page’ — is out of touch with modern audiences who want new, different, unique.

Yet another reason to embrace characters. They will *always* function as an audience member’s conduit *into* a story.

AQP (the script) demonstrates that screenplay form is evolving as well. It’s possible to craft a great story per the traditional screenwriting conventions. But we are not bound to any supposed ‘rules’. Go into the story and find the animals… or monsters. Let the characters lead you into and through the story-crafting process.

Tell the story the way it needs to be told. That’s my biggest takeaway from A Quiet Place.

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