Daily Dialogue — March 3, 2020

A LIBRARIAN delivers a book to Andrew.

LIBRARIAN: This is the supplement. You’re right, there is a section on…
(lowers her voice)… HIV related discrimination.
ANDREW: Thank you.

Andrew takes the book from her — but she remains.

LIBRARIAN: We have a private research room available.
ANDREW: I’m fine, thanks.

Andrew blows his nose. Now other PATRONS are watching.

LIBRARIAN: Wouldn’t you be more comfortable in a research room?
ANDREW: (pleasantly) No. But would it make you more comfortable?
LIBRARIAN: Whatever, sir.

The LIBRARIAN turns away, shrugging to a PATRON, indicating she’s done all she can do.

As Joe continues to watch: one of Andrew’s NEIGHBORS picks up his books and moves away.

Joe rises, gliding down an aisle of books, keeping one eye on Andrew, who concentrates on his work.

Joe approaches, nonchalantly, as if he just happens to be sauntering by. Suddenly he “notices” Andrew.

JOE: Oh, Beckett. How’s it goin’?

Andrew goes back to his work.

JOE: Who’d you get?
JOE: Find a lawyer?
ANDREW: I’m a lawyer.

Philadelphia (1993), written by Ron Nyswaner

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The Daily Dialogue theme for the week: Library. Today’s selection by Lois Bernard.

Trivia: The film’s journey from script to screen was an extraordinarily rocky one. The script underwent over 25 major revisions, the film’s rights were embroiled in bankruptcy proceedings, and the subject matter sparked some major protests.

Dialogue On Dialogue: Lois’ observations: “Watching the film clip I noticed much more time between actor’s lines. Director’s choice? I don’t know but effective, yes.”

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