Excellent work, Tara. You’ve zeroed in on some key themes and sub-themes. The one I am most drawn to is this idea about getting comfortable in one’s own skin. That speaks to a central issue in virtually all stories: The Protagonist’s sense of self-identity. “Who am I?” At first, Rachel attempts to fit into what she perceives Nick’s mother wants to see in a prospective daughter-in-law. Once she learns there is *no way* she could live up to that expectation, all is lost. But no, she resolves to *be herself*. The mahjong match is a great visual way to play out the battle between Rachel and Elanor, and because Rachel embraces who she is at a fundamental level, she wins the day. Look at the Mentor figures in Rachel’s life: Peik Lin and Oliver. They are completely comfortable in their skin which sends a necessary ‘message’ to Rachel to do the same.

The script (and movie) works for many reasons, not the least of which is the universal theme of ‘be true to yourself.’

Thanks again, Tara!

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