First of all, Chris, I applaud you seizing this moment. Going public is a scary thing. Now your commitment is OUT THERE for all to see. But I’ll bet you feel better for it!

If you go through this entire series, create a calendar like I suggested with Clay (see above response), and go at it every day so writing becomes a habit, you can be as productive as hell.

And if the calendar thing doesn’t work, find something that does. Part of this is for you to find how you best operate as a writer.

I used to write during the day, but now with everything else I have going on, I write from midnight to 2AM. My advice: Find a time of day where you can REGULARLY write, then do whatever you have to to protect that time.

BTW the next Zero Draft Thirty Challenge happens in March, so you can use that to pound out a zero draft. Keep that in mind.

Here’s some creative juju for you as a honorarium for making your public commitment.


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