Good analysis, Tola. Here’s my take on a character breakdown per the five primary archetypes:

Protagonist: Tonya. It’s her story, her goal to win the Olympic gold medal.

Nemesis: Nancy Kerrigan. She is the exact opposite of Tonya in terms of looks, background, demeanor, even physical stature. It reminds me of the relationship Annie has with Helen in Bridesmaids, the latter representing what Annie would love to be, but can’t. So, what better way to deal with that as far as Tonya is concerned than by knee-capping the Nemesis. Problem solved! Er, not.

I would also note that for much of the story, Lavona wears a nemesis ‘mask’, providing much opposition to Tonya through her (Lavona’s) abusive behavior toward her daughter. This works well as far as the narrative is concerned because Nancy K doesn’t appear on the scene into well into the story.

Furthermore, after the assault on Nancy, there are legal authorities who pose a threat to Tonya, so they, too, don the nemesis ‘mask’. So even though Nancy is, in my view, the prime Nemesis, other characters carry that ‘baton’ to provide opposition to the Protagonist throughout the story.

Attractor: Jeff. A shitty Attractor at that, but definitely a character to whom Tonya is emotionally connected for better… or as it turns out… much worse.

Mentor: Diane. She tries her best, but…

Trickster: Lavona is the chief Trickster. She’s a mother and shares Tonya’s goal (Olympic gold), so in that respect, she’s an ally. But her behavior is horrid and, thus, more often than not functions as an enemy to Tonya.

Shawn is also a Trickster and in some respects embodies the very spirit of this type of character.

Thanks, Tola.

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