Great analysis, Mark. It’s such a great concept for a scene: What better way to ignite a romance between a thief and a cop than by putting them in such close proximity, their bodies quite literally pressed against each other. I love how Scott Frank (screenwriter) used movie references to help break the ice, the Bonnie and Clyde casual chit chat also thematically resonant.

Re your concern: You can use psychological writing. If you’re judicious, you can dip INTO a character’s inner world and express that in scene description. Example: “Joe slumps. This is the worst fucking day of his life.” That is entirely acceptable screenwriting, no matter what the script literalists may whine about so-called “unfilmables.”

Among other things, it’s our job to convey to convey emotion in a script. We should make use of every tool at our disposal to do that including psychological writing.

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