Great post, Mark. Lindsay is a treasure among the storytelling set in Hollywood and beyond. It’s not only accomplishing the goal, but sharing it with someone, as you point out. Her classic example: The end of Rocky isn’t the split decision which, while losing, Rocky ‘wins’ by not getting knocked out and boxing Apollo Creed to a standstill. It’s when Adrian joins him in the ring, they embrace, and he says, “I love you.”

This is why the denouement is so important. We, as audience members, want that emotional resolution, to know how the experiences of the protagonist impact them AND how their changed life fits in among the community of others, whether family (Wizard of Oz), surrogate family (Star Wars: A New Hope), lover (The Apartment), or best friend (Shawshank).

In Coco, the denouement is ALL about Miguel sharing his New Life with family members and the local community of people in his home town.

Emotion. Emotion. Emotion. This is yet ANOTHER reason why we need to focus on our characters because THEY are where we connect emotionally and experience their psychological journey.

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