How to Use Go Into The Story (Part 4): Study the Craft

Some end of the year advice for GITS readers.

With over 25,000 posts on this blog, here’s a logical question:


An end of the year series to help.

Part 4: Study the Craft

Many years ago, I coined this screenwriting mantra: Watch movies. Read scripts. Write pages.

Seriously, you can learn the craft just by doing these three things.

But if you want to maximize your chances of succeeding as a professional screenwriter and/or TV writer, go deeper.

Add two more points of focus to you work: Study the Craft and Learn the Business.

Today some tips on how to use GITS to help you study the craft.

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1, 2, 7, 14: A simple formula to be a more productive and better writer.

Black List Writers on the Craft: Read what Black List writers have to say about screenwriting and TV writing.

Character Types: Learn the power archetypes can bring to your writing.

GITS Interviews: Read my interviews with pro writers including Black List selectees and Nicholl Fellowship winners.

GITS Reader Questions: Over 300 questions I’ve responded to over the years.

Guide to Aristotle’s “Poetics”: If you haven’t read “Poetics,” here’s a multi-part series which goes deep into this seminal work.

How They Write A Script: Extended interview excerpts from notable screenwriters.

Screenwriting Tweetstorms: A collection of pro writers and industry insiders.

Songwriters On Songwriting: Writing is writing and here are some valuable insights into the craft by songwriters.

The Theology of Screenwriting: A metaphorical look at religious themes and their relevance to writing.

And if you really want to go deep into the craft, there’s this: Deep Focus: The Go Into The Movies Project. This truly is film school on the cheap!

Breaking into Hollywood, let alone building and sustaining a writing career there is extremely challenging. You must push yourself to learn as much as possible and bring that knowledge to bear on your writing.


For Part 1: Watch Movies, go here.

For Part 2: Read Scripts, go here.

For Part 3: Write Pages, go here.

Tomorrow: How to Use Go Into The Story (Part 5): Learn the Business.

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