If you write a great script…

…Hollywood will find you.

Sale. Option. Representation. Writing sample. Writing assignments. Any/all of the above.

This is not a pipe dream or fantasy. This statement does not involve unicorns, leprechauns, or magic pixie dust.

This is the damn truth.

If you write a great script, Hollywood will find you.

If you write a great script, Hollywood will find you.

How do I know this?

Because it happens dozens of times each year, emails I receive from GITS followers sharing their good news with me.

Because hundreds of scripts that do not sell result in writers landing a manager and/or agent and busting into Hollywood to write movie and TV projects, thus, beginning screenwriting careers.

Because Hollywood is always seeking new writers, new voices, new blood.

But mostly because there is not an agent, manager, producer or studio exec with whom I have ever talked who has said anything different. [As an example, check out this interview with manager Dan Halsted and scroll all the way down to the bottom.]

All of them are looking for great stories. All of them are hoping for a great script. All of them are searching for great talent.

This is not conjecture. This is a fact. And it is the basis of an invisible pact that exists between Hollywood and aspiring screenwriters, originating perhaps in an imaginary Iowa cornfield:

Sure, you will have to take that first step. Maybe you send 400 emails to people in the business. Perhaps you get your script to a second cousin who has a co-worker whose friend knows the father of a guy who is married to an assistant of an L.A. agent. Or you submit your script to the Nicholl or Austin screenplay competitions. Or the Black List website.

No matter the entry point, a great script will always find its way to Hollywood… because Hollywood is always looking to find great scripts.

There are no but’s. There are no excuses. There is nothing more to say about anything other than this: Write a great script.

Everything else will take care of itself.

So why this bromide today? Because I want to remind you to get your mind off concerns that don’t mean squat and onto matters that mean everything: You should be entirely focused on the writing, your script, your story, your craft.

Focus. On. The. Writing.

If after having read this post you still have a hard time believing what I’m saying, consider this: I was a complete and utter outsider to Hollywood. I knew nothing about the film business. I had never taken a course in screenwriting.

And a spec script I wrote sold for three quarters of a million dollars and was made into a hit movie.

So if you ever doubt the veracity of that invisible pact between Hollywood and aspiring writers, all you need to do is think of me.

I am living proof it is true. It is a fact. It is the way of the movie business.

If you write a great script, Hollywood will find you.

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