I’m pressed for time and hope to have a larger conversation about the story’s plot, however, let me carry over a thread from the first post in the series via Ed Preston who wrote this:

“Watched it last night. It really had my attention from the start, and I was especially impressed with how it opened and got the audience to realize what was going on and why, without any kind of exposition. The plot had all kinds of nifty and unexpected twists and turns. But some of the twists and turns were almost too much and too jolting. And the profanity… puh-leez, there *is* such a thing as overdone profanity and situations in which it is entirely uncalled for.

But the acting was first rate and the casting spot-on with the possible exception of the police chief’s considerably younger wife with the sporadic Australian accent (it’s 1980’s Missouri after all).

The movie as a whole was ultimately unsatisfying and manages to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. The producer/director/writer must have thought he was being clever and avant-garde to have had a perfectly terrific and satisfying conclusion brilliantly in his grasp and intentionally throw it away AFTER ALL THAT. You’ll know what I mean by that if you see it, but I honestly can’t recommend it.”

Let’s zero in on the ending. It could have had a more or less ‘happy’ ending (i.e., they found Mildred’s daughter’s killer), but it doesn’t turn out that way.

Does that work? Did you like or not like it? Too clever by McDonagh or does it fit with the tone and plotting of the story leading up to the ending?


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