Interview (Part 6): Elad Ziv

Scott Myers
10 min readJun 3, 2023

My interview with 2022 Black List writer for his script Court 17.

Elad Ziv wrote the screenplay Court 17 which landed on the 2022 Black List. I had the opportunity to chat with Elad about his creative background, writing a Black List script, and the craft of screenwriting.

Today in Part 6 of a 6-part series to run each day through Sunday, Elad gives some advice for aspiring screenwriters.

Scott: How do you break story, your story prep process?

Elad: I’ve got to tell you, it’s different for everything. It’s really different for everything. I used to just jump right in. That was more, not because what I wanted to do was best for the story, but because I was impatient. I wanted to get to the writing, and I wanted to finish a script every three months.

Now, I really, really like to focus on character first, and get my characters down. Once I have the characters down…Well, first, you have to come up with the concept or the setting. That sometimes comes with doing a lot of research, reading a lot of newspaper articles, listening to a lot of different podcasts, scouring social media. Sometimes there’s interesting stories on there.

Once you have your concept, then I go into the characters and I find out who is the most interesting person that this story can happen to.