Jessica, congratulations on your double good news re twins. I can’t speak for parenting twins, but when I was a house dad for 14 months when my first son turned one and that whole year, I found I became really good at grabbing that time when he napped or watched Sesame Street to sit down and do some focused writing. Even 15 minutes, I managed to get *something* done. Then at night, I’d take those notes or scribbled scenes and rework them.

With twins, I’m sure all bets are off for getting much writing done for the first few / several months, as they should be. Parenting comes first! But there’s the voice memo app on your cellphone and you needn’t stop *thinking* about your stories, so when an idea *does* pop into your mind, you can record it for later.

Of course, don’t overlook the obvious: How being the parent of twins ought to provide you with *lots* of story material.

Congratulations again and blessings upon your family, especially those little ones due to arrive in May!

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