Kc, I’ll be interested to see what you think of the movie. I think it’s terrific.

Re your curiosity about how the movie handles Emily’s ‘absence’ while in a coma, the filmmakers do a deft job ‘including’ her in the story, either directly (e.g., hospital visits) or much more often indirectly. For example, Kumail spends a LOT of time with Emily’s parents, and some of those scenes are ABOUT Emily directly, the others indirectly through subtext or oblique reference. In other words, Emily is ‘present’ in the story even though she’s technically ‘absent’ (that may sound odd, but when you see the movie, it should make sense).

I thought how they handled the interracial storyline is great. It’s honest, oftentimes funny, yet also touching. In fact, there are three love stories going on in the movie, but I’ll get into that when we hit the Characters discussion.

Thanks for your comments!

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