Let me focus my takeaway on a universal theme which lies at the core of the story: Regret. We all know it. Have it. And if we stop and consider what our final moments of life will be, we will surely feel it. Regret for things done. For things not done.

Erin Bell fucked up. In a big way. Lost her lover. Responsible indirectly for the death of an innocent victim. Her life has gone south since that time due almost entirely due to the regret she feels, either consciously or unconsciously. The pain she feels, while we may not have something as sizeable in our past, we can relate to her emotional state because we, too, know what it’s like to regret something.

What the story does in Destroyer is offer Erin an opportunity for Redemption. Another universal theme. If we regret something, how compelling to be offered the opportunity to make up for it.

Takeaway: Tap into human dynamics which are universal in nature. This provides a point of emotional connection to the story.

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