Major Plotline Points:

(1–6): Opening — Will and Kira’s fateful intersection with a coyote. It’s a great foreshadowing of the violence to come and a wonderful setup for the very last scene.

(23–26): Pruit shows up / (26–28) Will outside, coyote call, then sees Eden in her bedroom doing something suspicious / (28–30) Will discovers bottle of pills Eden was handling. It’s hard to pick just one scene as twisting the story its middle (Act II), but the three in aggregate transform a rather awkward set of interactions in the first act into something suggesting a psychological thriller.

(45–55): The “I want” game which really begins to pull back the covers on people’s underlying psyches and ratchets up Will’s growing paranoia.

(65–72): Will unleashes his fears about what’s going on, freaked out about Choi voice mail, when who shows up, but Choi. It appears Will’s concerns are unfounded.

(79–83): After having seen another video of Doctor Joseph, Will freaks out about the wine they’re all suppose to drink and, indeed, his fears turn out to be true — it was supposed to be a mass suicide/killing. And all hell breaks loose as we officially enter the horror phase of the story (Act III).

(95–98): All of Act III is in effect one long scene of violence upon violence, but it ends with a Final Struggle between Will and David with the latter dying, then Will and Kira helping Eden to a place outside where she can die. Then the Denouement, the red lanterns, the screams, the police helicopters… and the coyote howls.

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