Mark, I couldn’t agree more. I am NOT a fan of superhero movies, primarily because of the glut in the marketplace the last decade or so. They all feel the same. Not Logan. I would likely have never seen the movie had I not been stuck on 9 hour flight to London. The story completely sucked me in. It’s what I’ve been saying for YEARS about the superhero genre (such as it is): Instead of going BIG — “The universe is in peril!” — over and over again, which by now has become ridiculous and the stakes meaningless, go SMALL — actual human interactions. And Logan does a GREAT job. I’d say, 70–80% of the movie consists of characters interfacing with other characters. And not just randomly. Each primary character has an arc and the relationship between Logan and Laura, while slotting comfortably into the Old Man and Young Child story type, is authentic and compelling.

I agree with you: Laura is a fantastic character. The script does a great job on all fronts, but especially with she and Logan, that relationship.

Not surprising the script is so good given the writers involved: Scott Frank, James Mangold, Michael Green. They came up with a great take: Let’s do a superhero movie as a Western. It’s the Old Gunslinger on one final ride. It’s Rooster Cogburn and Mattie from True Grit.

Thanks again, Mark, for your breakdown and I hope folks follow your advice and READ THE SCRIPT! It’s a great read.

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