Mickey, I hear you re the troubles you’ve been having with your story. Happens to a lot of writers. That’s one of the main reasons I created the Prep course as it’s a proven, professional approach to story prep. Plus you not only break the story you work on in the workshop, you can also adopt and adapt what you learn for use on all future writing projects.

Re your concern about protecting your intellectual property: I’ve probably offered the Prep course 40+ times and never had any trouble on that front. In fact the opposite is more true, that individual writers benefit from others in the group and their ideas, observations, etc.

That said, I understand your concerns. It’s why I offer a private version of all of my workshops including Prep. Writers who opt for it work with the same proven, professional approach to story prep as folks who take the group session — weekly lectures, weekly due dates, weekly teleconferences with me — only it’s all done one-on-one with me and includes your own exclusive online site where we transact everything.

If you’d like to learn more, email me: scott@screenwritingmasterclass.com.

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