“Minimum words, maximum impact”

INT. CHASE HOTELThe Big Cop flicks out his cuffs, the other cops holding 
a bead. They've done this a hundred times, they know
they've got her (Trinity), until the Big Cop reaches with
the cuffs and Trinity moves –
It almost doesn't register, so smooth and fast, inhumanly
The eye blinks and Trinity's palm snaps up and his nose
explodes, blood erupting. Her leg kicks with the force of
a wrecking ball and he flies back,a two-hundred-fifty pound
sack of limp meat and bone that slams into the cop farthest
from her.
Trinity moves again, BULLETS RAKING the WALLS, flashlights
sweeping with panic as the remaining cops try to stop a leather-clad ghost.
A GUN still in the cop's hand is snatched, twisted and
There is a final violent exchange of GUNFIRE and when it's
over, Trinity is the only one standing.

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