Movie Story Types: The [Blank] From Hell

This was a popular story conceit back in the 80s and 90s.

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The [Blank] from Hell. The basic idea is that the Protagonist (and often their family / loved ones) intersect with a character who starts off as seemingly normal, then turns out to be a threatening presence. Examples include:

While often a thriller, this story type can also be approached as a comedy:

The core psychological dynamic at work is fear of stranger, reaching deep into the oldest parts of our ‘lizard brain’ where the focus is on personal survival and any outsider represents a potential threat. On the thriller front, they make for great date movies. Fatal Attraction, which did over $320M B.O. worldwide, is a classic example — the male moviegoer gets to fantasize about having an affair while the female has the opportunity to elbow the dude with a “See, this is what will happen if you cheat on me, find some crazy woman who’ll stalk your family and boil your rabbit” glare.

Any other examples of The [Blank] From Hell movies to add to the list?

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