Paul, fair point. Aaron G. sent an actual LETTER as a query, so that dates that anecdote. Everybody uses email now. And as management companies grow, it’s very likely they become more selective in terms of queries, whether they accept them or not. But there are always new managers and management outfits opening their doors. And it’s still a smart idea to write 3 scripts and 3 treatments, have those at the ready so if/when you intersect with someone in the business, either intentionally through your own efforts or fate brings you together, you’re prepared.

That said, check out this interview I did with Josh Golden. He blind queried both an agent AND a producer, got read by both, and now he’s repped and has producer attached to his script “Road to Oz”. That happened in 2014 before the script was a Nicholl finalist and Black List script, then sold to New Line.

Here’s a thought: The Black List website is like an open query letter to over 3,000 people working in the industry. Same thing pretty much applies: The strength of the logline. Plus, if the script receives good ratings, there’s that as a plus. So if doing all the work I suggested in the OP re individual query letters isn’t appealing, then the BL website is an option.

Usual caveat: While my GITS is the official screenwriting blog of the Black List, I do not receive any money from that relationship, including their website.

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