Paul, thanks for that quote. I love Breaking Away. In fact, it was one of the first three screenplays I ever read. I think it’s great you provided the script and quote to that young writer who I hope I have the opportunity to teach here at DePaul!

It’s a challenge to have any sort of financial / career success in the entertainment business. Reminds me of a quote from Levon Helm who played drums and sang for The Band: “Music don’t owe anybody a living.” You swap out ‘movies,’ ‘TV’, ‘plays’, ‘art’ for music, it still applies. The odds are against us no matter our age.

Still, it always comes down to what’s on the page. If you write a great story, it’s going to find a place where it’s recognized. I think you just have to believe that.

Finally, we shouldn’t define ‘success’ merely in terms of how much money we earn or status we acquire through our creative efforts. Rather, if with our writing or other creative outlook we find joy and in doing so are ‘following our bliss’, that in and of itself is success in a much more profound way than dollars can buy.

Thanks again, Paul, for your comments. Much appreciated.

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