Peter, the kidnapping angle is something, I believe, has been worked in movies before like Room, but that was from the perspective of the kidnap victim. From the POV of the parents, imagine that experience of suspended animation, simply not knowing.

When I was a child, my parents’ best friends were another Air Force couple whose son Scott went to the Air Force Academy and became an F-5 fighter pilot. He was on a mission in the Vietnam War and was shot down in the China Sea near North Vietnam. His body was never found and he is still listed to this day as Missing In Action. One other pilot said they thought they saw Scott’s parachute open up. The parents clung to that for years, that Scott might somehow turn up alive as a POW. The mother kept Scott’s room exactly the way it was when he left for the Academy. I remember the details pretty vividly including the bedroom because we shared names.

What’s worse: Knowing… or not knowing…

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