Pixar and the Craft of Storytelling

Consider the great characters Pixar has created. Learn how and why they work, and bring those insights to your writing.
Up-up-upgrade your writing with Pixar story-crafting principles and practices.
In September 2017, I interviewed Mary Coleman as part of the DePaul University School of Cinematic Arts ‘Courier 12 Screenwriting Conference.
Trust me, this Pixar class I teach is INCREDIBLE!
  • You can do virtually everything on your own time: Download lectures, read forum conversations, add your own comments, upload writing exercises and assignments. In your pajamas. In bed. Drinking coffee. However you want to access online course content, you can do it.
  • As opposed to listening to a teacher present lectures verbally, you get to download lectures and read them. Again at your leisure, but even more importantly, instead of feverishly trying to jot down notes from a verbal presentation, here you get everything laid out for you. I take great pride in my lectures, as they not only provide great content, they also have a narrative flow to them. Yes, they tell a little story.
  • Feedback and conversations online tend to be much more thoughtful and therefore beneficial than onsite settings. Why? Because instead of off-the-cuff, random comments, participants online tend to spend more time and reflection in composing posts for online.
  • Finally I’m constantly amazed at how much of a community emerges in online class environments. Writers from all around the world and somehow we bind together into remarkably vibrant learning communities, time and time again.
Get lost trying to write your story? Let Dory help you find your way!
To infinity and beyond!

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Scott Myers

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