Roo, absolutely. And so will the reader! I’m convinced that people who beat the drum re CAN’T WRITE UNFILMABLE simply don’t read actual movie scripts, Black List scripts, spec scripts that sell, etc. If they DID, they’d shut up about this dumb supposed ‘rule’.

We get it: We’re not writing a novel. Movies are essentially an externalized reality — Action and Dialogue. But SCRIPTS are about getting a movie PRODUCED and to do THAT, we have to sell a LOT of people (starting with the lowly script reader and up the development food chain) on the entertainment value of our story. Scene description can be made MORE entertaining and the story come MORE to life with the judicious use of the narrative voice exhibited in scene description commenting on key moments.

And circling back, Roo, actors benefit not only from that bit of scene description, they may engage more with the character upon first read raising their interest in doing the part.

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