Rose, this is a really solid take. At the beginning, Bell is living with a lie. A *big* lie. We can see how it’s eaten at her, even physically degrading her body. That lie needs to be dealt with. Fundamentally, one could say that’s why this story *has* to happen, to force Bell to deal with the lie… and move toward the truth… which is pretty much what your observation suggests.

In the Gospels, it’s written: “And the truth shall set you free.”

For Bell, realizing the truth is a major challenge. It will cause her to revisit the past, shake down the lies she’s convinced herself of to create some semblance of a life, inauthentic as it is, and confront inner truths which are pressing upward from her subconscious toward the light of consciousness. The process is painful… problematic… but necessary for her to have any chance to move toward wholeness and redemption.

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