ScriptJumper, well put. That was kind of my point in the OP about trying to get the significant other to make the connection between their hobby / passionate pursuit and what the writer does writing. And if someone is already in a relationship, unless their partner WANTS to move to L.A., it’s probably best to live where you are and approach it as an avocation. Forget the NFL and other distractions, and focus all your spare time and energy on the writing.

Per your last paragraph: As I say, a person doesn’t have to spend a dime to learn the craft (that is a bit of hyperbole because you do have to watch movies which does cost money, but reading scripts and writing pages = free). Writing groups can be free. And frankly, one of the reasons I created this blog was to provide a FREE EDUCATIONAL RESOURCE with credible information and grounded inspiration, based on my 30+ years of experience in the business, as a kind of antidote to the many gurus and consultants. Some are better than others, but they all COST MONEY.

Read GITS. Listen to podcasts like Scriptnotes and Broken Projector. Look for interviews with screenwriters. Download scripts. So much free content available. That takes the expenditure issue off the table. Then the couple’s discussion is all about time.

Thanks for that, SJ.

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