Such a great script. A modern western with Toby playing the part of Butch to Tanner’s Sundance, only with a populist, political message. This line just slays me: “It’s the only thing a parent can give their child these days, no advice, no lessons, no love, nothing that will give them a fighting chance in this world, except money.” This is what American culture has been reduced to after 30+ years of brazen capitalist hedonism. The corporations — and banks — are wanton profiteers and The People are pawns in their financial schemes.

What the script does is daring, dropping us into the brothers’ robberies without an explanation WHY they’re doing it. Only later do we learn their rationale, so we are expected to connect with and even get behind their criminal activities. This runs counter to the whole ‘sympathetic Protagonist’ convention in Hollywood. But the script and the movie manage to pull it off.

It’s a simple story. Minimal characters. Compressed time frame. But it’s evocative as hell and relevant to The Way Things Are in what has become of our country.

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