Thanks, Cameron and Rose, for you comprehensive takes on the story’s sequence structure. Much of your analyses align. Some differences here and there. As I say, there’s no right or wrong in terms of structural analysis. Where this or that plotline point lands is in some ways an arbitrary choice.

The meta take is this story has a classic Beginning — Middle — End. This is a Hero’s Journey with a twist in which we can follow both Ron and Flip as the Protagonist. Yes, it’s basically Ron’s story, but Flip has his own arc as well.

The Call To Adventure is quite literally the phone call to David Duke. The Final Struggle is quite literally the Big Finale. And the Middle is the upside of Ron’s plan, followed by complexities, twists and turns. So no matter the bizarre nature of the story’s central conceit, here is Aristotle nodding his head in affirmation of three-act structure.

Again, thanks Cameron and Rose for your takes on the story’s plot!

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