Thanks for that feedback. As far as group engagement, there was a lot more of that in the early years of the blog, but less so of late. I think that is due in part to the evolution of social media. Facebook seems to be the default place for that type of thing which is one reason why I created the Zero Draft Thirty Facebook group. I’m sure there are other factors, the rise of clickbait and incendiary content. I’ve never been one to seek out numbers in terms of comments by creating controversy, indeed I’ve gone out of my way to AVOID that type of thing, already too much negativity and flame wars in the online screenwriting universe. Another contributing factor: I just don’t have the time to engage people at that level. Between the blog, the ZDT FB group, email, Twitter, not to mention my work as a teacher through DePaul and Screenwriting Master Class, as well as my own creative projects, I’m busy. Way busy. So part of this period of reflection is to find a balance point — hopefully! — of what GITS readers could benefit most from in the way of blog content and what I would enjoy doing and benefit from myself in terms of my own interests, education, and development as a writer and teacher. More to come in the next few weeks. Thanks for your thoughts. And re groups: Take advantage of the ZDT FB group. A great community with boundless potential for group engagement.

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