Thanks for those comments, Mark, and I’m glad you enjoyed doing the scene-by-scene breakdown. The production draft, which is the script you broke down, is one which is a rewrite of the original selling script by Beck & Woods. Since Krazinski, who rewrote the script, was also the film’s director, it makes sense he would include some specific camera shots. In the original Beck & Woods draft, which you can download here, those specific camera are not present.

There is an important lesson here for aspiring screenwriters: The trend nowadays is NOT to include camera shots and directing jargon. Why? (1) Directors don’t want to be told by the screenwriter how to direct. (2) A spec script is a selling script, not a shooting script, and since the trend over the last 20 years has been toward a more ‘literary’ style in screenplays, it’s better to omit the more technical lingo and allow the story to be a story, not a blueprint for guiding production.

Re “what a movie!”: Yes, indeed. To learn about its genesis, development, and how it got set up at Paramount, read my interview with Beck & Woods here.

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