Thanks, FTFL and Katrin, for your analyses of the major plotline points in the script. Much in alignment with the only real difference being: What is the end of Act One?

FTFL take: The first dinner where Jeremy shows off some drunken misbehavior. Argument for: The first solid indication that something is not right at the Armitage estate.

Katrin take: When Chris is first hypnotized. Argument for: Makes clear the creepy underbelly of the Armitage family.

Ultimately, it’s largely a matter of semantics, however seeing as the script is less than 100 pages, my guess is Peele and the production team worked with the assumption that the official end of Act One is that first dinner scene with the first hypnotism as the first significant plotline point in Act Two, what I call Deconstruction Test.

The big note for me is this: This story has a traditional three act structure with a conventional approach to major plotline points, happening every 10 pages or so. What makes the story fresh and distinctive, therefore, is not the overall story structure, but rather the story’s central conceit, a racial twist on the movie The Stepford Wives and the bizarre twists and turns of the narrative.

Thanks again, FTFL and Katrin, for your structural breakdowns of the script!

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