That’s an excellent breakdown of the major plot points in the story, Tola, really puts a spotlight on key events. I’m struck by how the script uses the interviews in the current day to help (A) smooth over jump cuts in time and (B) stitch together the narrative into a coherent whole. This is especially helpful because Tonya — from the script, at least — to act either/both impulsively and erratically. See, for example, leaving Jeff, getting back with him, leaving Jeff, getting back with him.

Also, your listing of major plot points drives home quite well how utterly stupid the plan was to take out Nancy Kerrigan. Almost farcical in nature, both the planning and execution of it. It’s reminiscent of a ‘grand’ scheme in a Coen brothers movie a la Fargo or Burn After Reading that goes awry… only this actually happened in real life.

Thanks for that breakdown, Tola!

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