The plot follows a four-act structure:

Act One: The setup capped off by Jojo learning Elsa is living in his attic.

Act Two A: In his interchanges with Elsa, Jojo confronts his anti-semitic beliefs only to discover this Jewish girl is as human as he is.

The big shift: Rosie's death.

Act Two B: The deconstruction of Jojo's bigotry evolves into a positive shift as he begins to not only care for Elsa, but fall for her.

Act Three: The city is attacked, the Nazis are defeated, and Jojo tries to fix things with Elsa, led astray by the false narratives Jojo tells her.

The Denouement is one of my favorites ever:

Seriously, I have watched this clips perhaps 100 times. It's such a perfect ending. Elsa is free. The Americans have won. She can move on with her life. But Jojo has been lying to her. Yes, they have bonded, but his deceit...

He deserves the slap, for sure. Then the final dialogue of the movie: "Well, what do we do now?"

They dance. Not romantically. Rather two young people in their own way bound together by a beat provided by David Bowie.

We. Are. More. Alike. Than. Different.

Such a simple thing, but so profound especially in a time when so many demonize strangers and those different than them.

This movie and its script is a gem on so many levels. If you haven't watched it, do yourself a favor and screen it soon.

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