The Spirit of the Spec (Part 5): And if it doesn’t sell…

I had a conversation recently with a former studio executive turned producer in which I found myself talking about the “spirit of the spec,” essentially when a person chooses to pursue a project or goal entirely on speculation with the hopes of some eventual payoff. Not everybody would make that choice. To many, with the odds so long against success, doing something on spec is not only illogical, it’s also seemingly inane.

And yet almost all screenwriters, TV writers, novelists, short story writers, playwrights, and poets have as some part of their creative self the spirit of the spec.

After my conversation with the producer, it occurred to me this is a subject we should discuss here at GITS because it speaks to the very core of why we’re here and what we’re about as people driven by creative impulses. So today through Friday, I will post something each day exploring what it means for a writer to have the spirit of the spec.

And If It Doesn’t Sell…

You write another one.

I hope you have enjoyed this Spirit of the Spec series. I may add some thoughts of a personal nature in a post this weekend because as I have been writing this series, I realized something: My entire adult life has been based on this philosophy.

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