This is a wonderful script, so heartfelt and real. Kayla is the embodiment of teenage angst on so many fronts: body image, social standing, interpersonal interactions. The advice videos are a runner throughout the script which mark several stages in Kayla’s arc which is a clear one: She goes from caring very much about what other people think of her to this:

She is dancing her heart out. No one is paying attention. She
doesn’t notice. She doesn’t care. Eyes closed. Hips and arms
and hair wildly in motion.

The story is not only about being yourself, but being courageous enough to be yourself and not care about what others think.

It’s a slice of life movie which puts a normal girl spin on a number of teenage movie tropes and brings the whole saga down to earth.

I can see why the script won the WGA Best Original Screenplay Award.

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