Using the primary character archetypes, let's see what we come up with for Jojo Rabbit.

Protagonist: Jojo

Nemesis: Adolf, Deertz, Finkel, Fraulein Rahm

Attractor: Elsa

Mentor: Rosie, Yorki

Trickster: Captain Klenzendorf

While tempting to look at Adolf as a Trickster, the fact is he is the face of Naziism and anti-semitism. Ultimately, Jojo has to reject him, which he does.

Klenzendorf is initially an enemy in that he's in charge of the Hitler youth training. Over time, he softens toward Jojo - in part because of feelings he has for Rosie - but upon her death, he steps up his game and becomes an ally for Jojo, eventually putting his life on the line to save the boy's own life.

Rosie is Jojo's mother, but beyond that, she provides wisdom to him in virtually every scene they share. Her death is also a teaching lesson: It's dangerous to go against the Nazi authorities.

And Elsa is the Attractor, the character who most affects Jojo's emotional development.

So there you go! Yet another movie which works with the five primary character archetypes.

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