Well, this lays out pretty clearly:

Protagonist: Logan
Nemesis: Pierce, Dr. Rice, Bad Logan
Attractor: Laura
Mentor: Charles
Trickster: Caliban

Why Laura as Attractor? First off, she turns out to be Logan’s daughter. But primarily, they bond. I wrote an article comparing Wall-E to Logan, specifically about the gesture of holding hands. In Logan, you can track the relationship between father and daughter in a number of ways, and one of them is how he finally lets her hold his hand. She is the character most associated with Logan’s emotional growth, thus, Attractor.

Charles as Mentor? Father figure. Has intimate knowledge re Laura. Advises Logan throughout, even with his dying words.

Caliban as Trickster: He’s an ally in helping to take care of Charles. But he fails to dispose of Pierce which leads to all sorts of havoc. Then he’s forced to track Logan and Laura. He helps to get Pierce and Dr. Rice to Laura, then acts as an ally when detonating some grenades to create a diversion so Logan can fight Bad Logan. Ally →Enemy →Ally. This is the shapeshifter nature of a Trickster.

And what of the Munson family? That whole sequence of Logan, Laura, and Charles hanging with that family feels like a Mentor moment for Logan, giving him a chance to see what a real loving family is like. That brief experience, I believe, acts as a bridge for Logan to help open him up to the possibility of embracing Laura as his daughter.

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