Writing Reflections on Carl Jung

A 5-part series on Jung, psychology, and the the writing craft.

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The more I study Carl Jung, the more I discover his ideas about psychology have a direct relevance to screenwriting (specifically) and stories (generally). This week, a 5-part series focusing on Jung’s notion of individuation, the achievement of one’s self-actualization through a process of integrating the conscious and the unconscious. This movement toward a state of what Jung called ‘wholeness’ is an enlightening way to think about what many in the screenwriting trade refer to as the Protagonist Transformation Arc.

Part 1: Are We Related to the Infinite or Not?

Part 2: Make the Unconscious Conscious

Part 3: Make the Darkness Conscious

Part 4: Psychological Rule as ‘Fate’

Part 5: Become Who You Truly Are

Jung was a huge influence on Joseph Campbell. And Campbell was an influence on George Lucas when he was making Star Wars. Indeed Luke Skywalker’s journey reflects Jung’s ideas as detailed in this series. We also see these dynamics in place with Rey’s nascent metamorphosis in Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

Not surprising. Jung’s philosophy articulates universal dynamics, just as Campbell did with the Hero’s Journey.

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I hope you enjoyed the series. I will continue to read, research, and reflect on more of what Jung may have to say about Story. Join me!

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