Yes, Kenny, agree. In lesser hands, the “I’m not so sure I believe in beginnings and endings” angle could have come off as little more than a gimmick. What Eric Heisserer did was weave it through the entire script, not only from standpoint of plot, but also theme. We’ll talk about this more when we hit Theme on Thursday, but to get to the twist at the end, Louise needs to learn how the aliens experience the Now. The breakthrough she has about “nonlinear orthography” is important to the plot, but also a stepping stone in her understanding of these flashes she keeps seeing a she and a young girl at various stages of her life. The aliens transcend the boundaries of our experience of forward-moving time. Louise tips off this realization in her opening V.O.: “Maybe there’s a higher order.” The aliens’ experience of time reminds me of the orthodox Christianity perspective of God, as God transcends time, too. Again we can get into this on Thursday. Point being the handling of time in the script is seamless, woven through the narrative almost scene by scene, so the twist isn’t a gimmick, but the capstone on a carefully laid path toward the fruition of Louise’s — and our — realization.

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