You’re welcome. Here are two reasons why when I first talked with Franklin Leonard about 8 years ago concerning the possibility of partnering with the Black List, I agreed to do just that:

(1) Both he and I are committed to doing what we can to support writers outside the Hollywood system have a chance to work their way inside the system.

(2) He and I approach that issue in unconventional means. Franklin explains his take on the Black List very well in the video and it has obviously had a big impact in Hollywood. In my own humble way here at Go Into The Story, I’ve done what I can by amassing a ton of content and give it all away for free. I know for a fact the blog has helped dozens of writers in their path into careers in Hollywood.

The Black List in my view is the premier screenwriting brand in Hollywood. I’m happy to support their efforts, particularly when it comes to their educational initiatives and writers labs. And I’m also happy to plug away, day after day here on the blog providing continual support for writers on their creative journeys.

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